Guestroom Photos!

Remember this and this? Well, here is what the guestroom looks like now!

Painted Guestroom!

Paint color is Wheat Bread by Behr, same as in the master bedroom, and was inspired by what I think is quite possibly the loveliest guestroom I’ve seen ever (and is now fast becoming one of the cutest baby rooms) – go see it here, in Nicole’s house. Be sure you also check out her lucky baby’s room as it develops (um…the room, not the baby), while you’re there. Her entire house (and her blog) is super fantastic!

The room is painted and clean, but it is A FAR CRY from finished. The mirror isn’t staying, and neither is the Pleated Lampshade of Doom (Rich does not like pleats), and those windows are PLEADING for curtains. I would love to have a beautiful room for my in-laws when they come to visit in April.

To be continued….

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